Friday, March 7, 2014

Missed a day...Doh!

I guess I technically missed a day of blogging. Doh! I really, truly will get to writing about the Ex-Hacienda, but I was taken down by some sort of cold/fever thing. I spent the majority of the day in bed, only rising to see Andy and Nick home from their trip to Cholula, to send a few quick e-mails for work, and to make myself some chicken ramen. (Don't you judge, we have yet to find anything more than cream-of-corn or cream-of-pretty-much-anything-else soup in the stores here...and don't lie, sometimes you eat ramen and think about the days when it was all the sustained you...well, Ramen and cheap beer).

Anyway, I am feeling slightly better. Andy and Nick are at The Tavern, our favorite bar and restaurant so far. They are checking out a band from Argentina. The band didn't start until 11:00pm, that's late for me on a regular night, especially on a "I've been in and out of napping with a cold and fever all day" kinda night. So I stayed home. Hoping they are having a great time, I will wander back to bed, read, and await their return.

Sorry, this is late, and kinda lame, but I guess I didn't realize that when I made the "I'm gonna blog every day" pact with myself that there would be days when I was sick, days when I didn't really do much worthy of writing about, or days when I just didn't feel self-important enough (I'm also grappling with the idea that I feel like my life is so important that "of course people want to read all about my life!" What?! Maybe they don't...any way, it's late, I'm stuffy and I'm not thinking too clearly...I will write a real, good, full-of-pictures blog in the morning). Until then...¡Hasta Luego!


  1. I hope you're back to your ole self soon. I, for one, have thoroughly enjoyed reading daily about your observations and capers!

  2. I'm reading!! Nice to keep up with your life. :)