Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Tres Postres

It has been a busy day at Casa de Mason-Jezek. We went for a run/walk/workout this morning. Something we've been doing since we've been here. It's a nice way to start the day...even for me who is still under the belief that running is really only necessary if someone is trying to actively kill you. But I really am actually enjoying it. (It should be noted that I only actually run for a few minutes and then walk, but it's progress.)

We then came home, I made a "big delicious breakfast that can't be beat" as Andy calls it. Then Andy played at his two preschools, I worked on paperwork and setting up evaluations for counseling work, Nick kept me company and brushed up on his Spanish with the easy-reader we have. I did laundry. I did a few evals while the boys (I know, I implied they are ready to collect their social security checks yesterday and now I'm calling them boys. I'm a rebel, what can I say?) went out for a stroll to keep confidentiality.

Then we walked to Él Centro and had Mega Cemas. Andy and I split one and Nick powered through a whole one on his own. (Despite being a sting bean, the man can eat. It's impressive.) Andy sang with the mariachi band again, sans guitar this time. We saw all the faithful Catholics leaving the multiple churches around Él Centro with ashes on their foreheads. (Side note, I have only ever seen the smudges of ashes as the sign of the cross, but here it looks as though they have a stamp or a stencil of some sort that actually shows a cross with the ashes.)

Then this happened:

Nick bought us tres postres. (Three desserts). We shared them all.

A caramel flan/cake sort of deliciousness.

A strawberry cake with a delightful icing.

A strawberry cheesecake sort of creation.

I have to apologize for the crappy pictures...the frames are all messed up...they are not artsy in any way shape or was take pretty pictures or stuff that goodness in my trap. You know which of those options I chose. 

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