Saturday, February 15, 2014

31 in Mexico

I'd like to say thank you to Andy for being my first guest blogger, and let's face it, probably only guest blogger for awhile as he's about the only person I really know here. ;) I'd also like to thank him for, well, just being pretty amazing. There really is no better partner that I could have chosen for myself (pats self on the back). He makes navigating this world much more fun, much more adventurous, and gives me the love and support that I sometimes don't even know that I need. (I had to sneak some cheese in there cause I didn't get the chance yesterday).

As Andy mentioned, yesterday was my birthday. We woke up, after the first night of really good sleep since we've been here...I like to think of that as my body's birthday present to itself, and walked to a little restaurant for some breakfast outside. As we sat waiting for my crepes (it's not all tacos and tamales here folks) filled with ham and cheese, Andy lovingly looked across the table at me, like only he can (swoon), and asked me if  I ever thought I would be spending my 31st birthday in Mexico. The answer was, "nope"...but man, I'm glad I am!

We started to reflect on our travels over the last 6 1/2 years and just how very fortunate we have been. We talked about being younger and what we had imagined our lives to be like...where we would be by a certain age, what we would be doing, etc. Andy said that he wanted to be a wandering minstrel playing his music around the world. (Pretty much!) I had envisioned myself living in a bungalow on the beach in Southern California with my musician husband. (Pretty close!) But I never would have thought, in my wildest dreams, that I would be turning the big 3-1 (What?! It feels big!) in Mexico with plans to stay for a year.

After a delightful breakfast, with conversations you can only share with your partner, we spent the rest of the day relaxing at home. Andy is not feeling 100% (has a cough and a cold)...I'm not feeling super great myself (slight stuffy nose and tired), so a nice day lounging about was just what we needed.

We ventured out to get some roasted chicken from "El Pollo Devino" (The Devine Chicken)...our new favorite place. Pedro, the owner of the shop, was so kind, a smile that lit up the room, his broken English better than most I've heard so far, and his excitement to have us there, the inexpensive prices (An entire roasted chicken, a huge tub of red rice, a dozen corn tortillas, some sautéed onions, and some salsa all for under $10!!) all sealed the deal that we will be going back once a week...maybe twice. ;)

We ended the night by watching the second episode in the third season of Sherlock, split a Cadbury chocolate bar (What?! It was Valentines Day!), and went to bed fairly early. Wonderful birthday spent with my wonderful love.

Here are a few pictures from my past to chronicle my 31 years:

Gotta love the early 80's picture backgrounds. Notice the mo-hawk I'm sporting

Christmas with a Gremlin (aka, me)

Rockin' the overalls baby

Me and my dad. My great grandmother made that dress for me. I called it my Little House on the Prairie Dress

Tutu...on my head, always on my head. (Hey Doan Girls! Lookin' Good!)

I'm like 6/7/8 here...I don't know. All I know is that I was LOVIN' that hair wrap

Me and my Ultimate, Julia, in out Junior year of high school

22...not 5 like the picture might suggest, 22. 

Me and my honey in Anchorage, AK this summer

What?! You noticed there are no pictures from Middle School? Hmm...weird...that's totally weird...cause that was like my BEST time as far as looks go, I swear! I mean, you'll just have to take my word for can trust me. (Or can you?!)

We are off to breakfast with Pepe and Mecha, Andy's host family and our neighbors. It should be noted that I may run off with Pepe...I think we have a deep love and understanding of each other. That and he's 80...and A-DOR-A-BLE! and I love old men. 


  1. So glad you had a wonderful birthday! Loved the pictures!

  2. Save those middle school pics for a rainy day! We gots to see those!

  3. I actually don't have any of the middle school pictures here. I think I saved a few at my mom's house. :)

  4. I'm annoyed with the 3rd episode of Sherlock.