Thursday, February 27, 2014

Getting on With It

Well, I still feel gross, but it was time that I left the house. Andy and I got up this morning and went for a walk down by the river. No, no...not like Chris Farley...Enjoy: In a van...down by the river! (You're welcome)

We live near a river, it winds through several parts of our neighborhood. We affectionately call it Stinky River, because well, it's stinky. First our area, neighborhood, is called Agua Azul. (Tricky translation, wait for it...Blue Water). There is a water park at the end of our road that has mineral (sulfuric) water that comes from a spring.

For my Wyoming readers...think Thermopolis. 

I'm gonna take a wild guess here and assume that's why this area is called Agua Azul. (Giant leap, I know). So anyway, the river is a combination of hot mineral water and sewage. Yummy! But seriously,  if you don't get too close to the river, it's not that bad. (Really, sometimes you get a whiff and you gag, but mostly you don't notice it).

Anyway, we have noticed that there are several parks and tracks around Puebla as part of an initiative to get people healthy. The track along our beloved river has several places to stop with bathrooms (with security), work-out machines, and measured distances. There were tons of people out there and it was nice to get out of the house.

Since I'm still feeling bad, and it doesn't seem to matter what I eat, I said, "screw it" and had a normal breakfast at 100% Natural. Here's their website: 100% Natural  The restaurant is located in El Parque Del Arte just a few blocks from our house. (I will do an entire blog on this park at some point because it deserves it). The food was good, the juice (which came in what can only be described as a fish bowl) was delicious, and they had bathrooms with toilet paper. It was a win all around!

We then went to Wal-Mart...don't judge. Our neighbors go there's not because we're American, it's because they have a better selection on some products. (I have mentioned that we went to another Wal-Mart to get some basics when we first got here, it turns out that there is a closer Wal-Mart with more selection and better I think I'm eating my words when I say, "I think we might shop there from now on").

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