Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Up on the Roof

To get you in the mood for today's blog, I suggest you listen to the following: Up on the Roof-The Drifters. You're welcome.

One of the best features of our apartment is that we are one of the tallest buildings in the neighborhood and we have a roof terrace. To you city dwellers who are reading this, you might be thinking, "Yawn, no biggie sista'" Well, I just have one thing to say to you, "shut it." I've grown up in the Western part of the US my whole life, I've had wide open spaces (think Dixie Chicks here) my whole life. This is a pretty novel thing for me, let me bask in all it's terrace-y glory. (This is also where I made an ass-hat out of myself yesterday when I looked at a neighbor, at like 9:00 am and said with all the confidence in the world, "¡Buenos Noches!") Moving on...

Let me show you a few snaps from my beloved rooftop.

You see the biggest antenna ever on that person's roof? I'm thinking they are getting signals from Mars or something

This is facing to what I believe to be South, I'm normally great with directions (Seriously) but I haven't quite figured it all out here yet

I love the turquoise house, it reminds me of New Mexico. (Look off into the distance...that's a volcano, for reals! I'll get to that later)

This is looking "North." The Norfolk Pines were a surprise to me. The futbol stadium is kind of at the base of the mountain to the right

Every morning since we have been here I have made the trek up to the roof. 65 stairs at 6,000 feet above sea level is a trek...don't you judge me. The birds have been singing, the sun has been shining, the men selling tamales (and other various items I can't decipher from their automated megaphones and Spanish) have been walking up and down the streets with their carts. 

It is a very peaceful way to start the day. On clear days, you can see Popo...the volcano. It's real name is Popocat√©petl. (okay, the font is changing...I tried to copy and paste...and I can't fix it...so let's roll with it, shall we?) But for my sanity and the sake of my tongue, we will call it Popo. ;) 

The first day we were here the smog was so bad I couldn't see it...same for the second day...it wasn't until the third day that I summited the stairs (remember, it's a trek) that I was blessed to see our friendly neighborhood volcano. 

Here she is (I've decided she's a she...why? No real reason, just cause...and it's my blog, and I'll do what I want!)

I couldn't really catch her smoking, but she does most days. (Insert shaking finger, "smoking is bad for you, yo!" Actually it's a good thing if your a volcano, see the link I post later)

A zoomed out shot

(Hey! The font is back to normal. Whoot!) Some of you who researched Puebla before we moved here, may already know, but Popo is a very predictable, fairly relaxed volcano, as far as volcanoes go. Here is a link written by a guy who lives in Mexico City...he's pretty damn funny...and I really liked the post. So instead of trying to explain it all again, I'll just copy and paste his link and you can read it from there. ;) Funny post about Popo Four days in and I'm already taking short cuts! 

So, that's pretty much it for the roof and Popo...at least for today. There is a BBQ pit and chairs up there as well. We would love to cook and have some beers up there someday...we just need friends (here)...hmm...This is an open invitation for anyone reading this to come and enjoy it with us!

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