Sunday, February 23, 2014

Anne and Andy walk into a Church...

...and it didn't burst into flames! ;)

Today we went with our sweet neighbors, Pepe and Meche, to their church. I'll just say it now, Andy and I have been in church, together, around a total of 7 times. Most of those were for weddings, baptisms (I'm looking at you Teddy), confirmations (Charlotte, Georgie, and Mikey), and funerals. It's just not something that we do. But in the spirit of being here, and embracing the culture, and the fact that our neighbors are so sweet that you really kinda can't tell them no...we decided to go.

I know what you are thinking...Anne and Andy are in Mexico, it must have been a Catholic church. Well, you would be wrong my friends. Pepe and Meche are Anglican, which they have made sure to tell us on several occasions, so I think it is very important that we know they aren't Catholic. Although Mexico has no official religion, about 80% of the people here identify as Catholic, so I can see where they want to make the separation.

We went to church and couldn't help but make parallels to our good friend Don Thomas, his church, and the vision they both have for their churches. It was comforting, it felt less overwhelming than I think it would have had it not been so familiar to me. Anyway, I got the gist of the service...basically, stop, be thankful, and don't get so caught up in your life that you miss the little things. (Or something like that).

After the service, we were invited to Pepe and Meche's son's house for his birthday lunch. We ate some amazing food, I tried desperately to follow the conversations, and I stumbled (poorly) through a few "conversations" in Spanish. By 5:30pm my brain was mush...can you tell? This blog is a bit meandering and lackluster, not up to par...I apologize.

Here is a picture of the church on top of the ancient pyramid, that I will post about tomorrow. This isn't the church we went to today...but it's churchy...and that's what today's post was all about. :)

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