Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Still Blerg-ish

Well, I'm on day three of this "Blerg-ish-ness" I haven't left the house in three days. I am beginning to feel like this:

Sad Cat Diary  (Click on the words "Sad Cat Diary") Also, "The Authorities" should be a substitute for "Andy" 

Not really...but kinda...and I love the video, it's funny.

Andy has been out and about, moving and shaking...and taking care of me. He went to El Zócolo last night to meet our tutor and on the way he stopped into several restaurants on the way to see if they would like live music. He went into one particular place and spoke with a large man from Cuba who was wearing a Marlins hat. The man asked Andy, who had his guitar on him, to play something on the spot. Andy played "Imagine" and the guy told him to come back today around 2:00pm and he could play a party they were having at the restaurant.

He's getting ready to head out. Who knows what is in store...but wish him good luck! I'll keep you posted tomorrow.

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