Monday, February 17, 2014

A Feast for Your Eyes!

*A little shout-out to Kate for her beautiful new banner that she graciously made for me. I should mention that this was a unsolicited surprise on her part. How sweet?! I am a novice at this blog I'm sure you can all tell, and had no idea that I could do anything like that. Any-hoo...I love it! Hope you do too!

Many of you have been asking for more pictures. Guess what?! I listened! (I also got over myself and decided I'm just gonna take pictures when I want to, damn it!) I came to the realization that I take pictures all the time in the US, it's not being tacky and touristy, it's just me being me.

Also, now I can share some of the beauties that are Puebla with all my adoring fans. (Apparently, I'm feeling pretty full of myself today...let's roll with it, shall we?)

Andy and I went down to La Plaza yesterday afternoon around 5:30pm. Here's what I saw...

The light was gorgeous when we got there. Notice the massive bunches of mylar balloons in the background. They are being sold all over the Plaza.

Another part of the Plaza. The just can't capture the richness of it...but believe me, it's beautiful. If you don't believe, come and see for yourself! *Wink, wink, nudge, nudge*

One of the hotels that line the Plaza.

Flag on top of said hotel.

A sculpture in the center of the Plaza. The locals call it the Toilet Paper Roll. Kids run all around it and chase each other in and out of it. This is also the scene of an "attack by potato chips." I witnessed two brothers fighting and one proceeded to beat the s#%* out of his brother with a small bag of Lays potato chips. I didn't call the cops.

Andy playing in front of the sculpture. Blissfully unaware the the snack food assault that happened near him.

Starting out with some Beatles tunes. Did I mention that people in Puebla are Gaga (no, not the scary lady who wears meat dresses) for The Beatles? Well, it's true. 

"Here Comes the Sun" (Actually it was more like, "There Goes the Sun" but the Beatles didn't write a song with that's not as catchy or as uplifting).

Andy was joined on the bench by a man named Oscar. One of the reasons why I love Andy is that he will sit and talk to pretty much anyone. Oscar obviously had his demons (note; he kept taking shots during his time with Andy), but Andy had conversations with him in between songs. Andy didn't just ignore him; he validated what Oscar had to say, and gave Oscar the sense that he was visible, something that I would imagine to be hard in a city with this many people and with demons as big as his. Plus, Oscar was pretty funny. (Andy gave him 20 pesos from them money he made). 

This is an entryway to an inside mall area. Mostly just little stalls selling Mexican goods to tourists.

Andy pulled in a fairly good crowd, despite the stiff competition from the Los Payasos (clowns). Payasos are all over Puebla, doing tricks, juggling, being clown-like at stop lights for small tips. But I think the best of the best put shows on for large crowds in the Plaza on Sunday afternoons. (It takes some getting used to...the clowns...being every. where. you. look. *Shudders*)

Then it got dark and a different beauty was revealed 

A full shot of the Cathedral and the bustling life below it. (The small light in the sky to the right is a flying, lighted toy). We walked over to our favorite place eat in La Plaza...two for one beers and Mega Cemas to share. (see older posts for pictures)

So there are some pictures of Puebla for you. :) I hope you enjoyed them. 


  1. It really is! Come down and see if for yourself! :)

  2. I do not love it, but I'm kind liking the next one. ;) I think our neighbor around the corner has a son living there. I can't quite remember, but Puebla sounds so familiar.

  3. Hey there, Anne!
    First off, welcome to Puebla, I can tell you're enjoying it already and that makes me, as a local, truly happy.
    That said, and with all due respect, I'd like to make some corrections. No one calls it La Plaza, it's El Zócalo. Also, that's not a hotel up there on your photos, it's Puebla's City Hall. I found it funny when I read it was a hotel. Wut! :D Anyways, I hope you enjoy your time here, and if you need any recommendation, hit me up.

    1. Thanks for the advice Alejandro. I have heard several people use the term La Plaza when referring to El Zócalo, so that's where that came from. Someone also mentioned that the building was a hotel. They must have been talking about another building and I misunderstood.

      My blog is a personal account of what it is like for me and Andy to spend our year in Puebla. Although I try my best to get things correct, I also have only been here for two weeks and am still learning. I'm sure I won't learn or know everything there is to know about this beautiful city in just a year, but I will try my best.