Friday, February 28, 2014

The Quick and Dirty

This might be a recurring theme for this blog..."The Quick and Dirty"...I like it.

Okay, so here's how it's gonna work, I'm gonna tell you about our busy day with a few, simple pictures and some simple explanations...hence the title.

I'm feeling human again!

We got locking lug nuts for The Bandit! (Top lug nut).

We went to Angelopolis to buy a pillow top (see next picture). It's a massive mall about five minutes from our house. It's pretty swanky, even by US standards. (Photo courtesy of the interwebs)

We got a pillow top for our mattress. Our apartment is fully furnished...that means beds, (Read: our bed is like sleeping on pallets stuffed with straw) Maybe I exaggerate...maybe I don't. But no more!! Clean sheets too...ahhh...

We had lunch. Andy liked it so much he took a picture of it. It's basically just a chicken wrap...but it was made with my special ingredient...Love?! Nope, bacon.

We saw 12 Years A Slave. Perk of being here? We get to see all the movies that didn't come to Clovis. AND we can walk there in 20 minutes. AND it's super nice too. Sorry Porty Peeps. (Side note: Brilliant movie, hard to watch, rips your heart out, and punches you in the gut. Great film making). (Photo courtesy of The Google).

Andy cheersing (what? it's a word) the fact that as we came out of the movie theater we found an ice rink...where he can play the middle of Mexico. You'd cheers too. (Nina...add hockey bag to your pack mule list).

This is what is my life looks like right now. Freshly painted toenails, by yours truly as I waited for Andy at home last night while he was at a gig, tennis on's the Abierto Mexicano Telcel 2014 tournament, don't you know? Andy is looking up when Andy Murray will be playing in said tournament tonight and I am finishing the blog.

**I have tried to get the blogs up around the same time-ish, early afternoon, every day but some days just get away from me. So I apologize for not being prompt, but that's life in Mexico...and I'm going to roll with it. But I will try

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