Friday, February 21, 2014

Marimba and a Preview of Tomorrow

Today's blog is gonna be quick! It's Friday and we've got a pyramid to see!

So, yesterday I was up on our roof terrace, I love that place, doing some work for my on-line class that is rapidly approaching. *Yikes!* I was chatting with my friend Cali on Facebook about different places we should visit in Mexico City. Cali's husband, Alex, is from Mexico City and she's got the goods on where to go, etc. (Side note, and not really a side note, cause it's BIG news, but Cali and Alex had their second baby early this morning!! I'm pretty sure Cali did all the heavy lifting on that one, but Congrats to them both! We can't wait to meet Andrés!) Okay...back to the roof. It was a beautiful sunny day...have I mentioned that ALL the days have been beautiful, warm, and sunny?!, well, they have been...and I was minding my own business when I hear this beautiful music coming from below.

I got up from my perch and took a look down to the street. I see three men, with what I only knew as a giant xylophone (I should have been paying more attention in 3rd grade music class, doh! Hindsight is 20/20), on the street corner playing lively music. After the song, they picked up, what I now know to be a Marimba, and moved down the street to another corner. Two men played the marimba while one man went and knocked on doors. I thought they were gone and tried to relish in the moment of beauty and randomness. I have said it before, but I'll say it again, beautiful randomness is a perfect way to describe Puebla. Luckily for me, and you, the men came back and I was able to steal a quick, poor quality, video for your enjoyment. I tried to make it downstairs in time to catch them to give them a few pesos, but by the time I packed up and descended the peak that is my roof (6 flights of tile stairs, remember?!), they were gone.

Here they are for your enjoyment. AND...just's not loading. I'll have to try again later today. Sorry for the build-up.

Here's a picture of a Marimba I stole from Google to hold the place of the video.

We are going to the pyramid in Cholula today. I'll just tell you that it's base is four times the size of the base on the Great Pyramid of Giza. It is the largest pyramid in the world, although most of it is underground. There is a church built on top...and the rest I'll tell you tomorrow! 

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  1. I saw the video on FB - how very cool! I had no idea it was called a Marimba. Wait...isn't there a dance called a Marimba? Or am I just making crap up?