Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It Finally Happened...

I've been waiting, well, really since we got back from our trip to England and Iceland, for this to happen. We had been around so many people, so many germs...but neither of us got sick. Then we went back to Portales...more germs, more people. (Do you see a trend here?! People=Germs). We didn't get sick. Then we moved to Mexico. I thought on the drive to Puebla, "please, oh please, just let me wait to get the inevitable sickness until we get into our new place!" I have been eating whatever food I want (see previous post with the bugs) because I just figured the sooner my stomach gets used to the "flora and fauna" as Andy puts it, the better. I didn't get sick.

So, after two and a half weeks here, I began to think I had this super immune system, this colossal stomach made of steel. Well, I got knocked off that high horse yesterday morning and have felt "blerg-ish" ever since. Notice I said Blerg-ish not Montezuma's Revenge-ish. It hasn't been epic or life changing...just not good, man.

So, needless to say I didn't leave the house today, and if I can help it, I'm gonna try and do the same today. There's comfort in knowing where the nearest toilet is. TMI? Sorry, just keeping it real.

This is a photo from several years ago, showing the effects of the Portales wind...but it also aptly depicts how I'm feeling at the moment. 


  1. When my husband is ill, I like to brag that I am so rarely ill because my people were peasant stock. Aren't *I* a charming one?

  2. No bueno!! Sorry you're not feeling great. Hope it passes quickly! :)

    1. Thanks...me too. Like I said, nothing like the exorcist or anything...just a bit of gurgle guts.