Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Bit of Randomness

Today I'm feeling a bit random. I should confess that I feel random most days, but today I'm feeling extra randomy. (See, so random I'm making up words). Because I like lists, I've warned you before, I'm gonna list my random thoughts for the day.

  • Yesterday I found out that I am officially a Counselor. I have a number from the State of Texas that says, "Anne Elizabeth Jezek, you busted your ass for a year and a half in school, you cried at the idea of Stats on your Comps AND on the National Counseling Exam, you passed both those tests (by the skin of your teeth...shh...I totes know what I'm doing, I just don't test well), and you fought with the State of Texas Website and their employees for months...Congratulations, you are now a Texas, no where else...just Texas." But man does it feel good!!! This isn't really Mexico-y, but I found out while I was it counts...I think. 
Here's me celebrating said Licensure. I really am happy, I swear. And I'm not even drunk. There's a singer who wanders between tables at our favorite restaurant on La Plaza. Even after several "No Gracias"s he still stands there and "sings" and stares all creepy-like at you. I'm giving him the "Sharp Eye" as my youngest nephew calls it. (For the record, his back was turned to me, so he didn't see this face).

  • Andy had his first paying gig in Mexico yesterday!! Whoop Whoop! He has hit the streets (not in a Lady of the Night way, or at least he isn't telling me if it is) and found several preschools close to our house. As usual, he plays the first show for free, to get them hooked, and he was hired by the school literally 3 seconds from the house. He also has another paying preschool starting next Wednesday. 
His first 100 Pesos! I am very proud of him! Rock on with your bad self!!

  • I have mentioned this before, but the produce here is good...and cheap! Andy and I have discussed several times, mostly while shoving fruits and veggies into our mouths a la Cookie Monster, how good the produce here tastes. I sometimes feel like the kids in Willy Wonka when they lick the wallpaper, "The schnoz berries taste like schnoz berries!" But it's here tastes like food. What a concept, huh? 
Here's a picture Andy took of a salad we had for Comida (late lunch) the other day. All veggies were purchased at the market down the street, by yours truly, in Spanish/hand motions/smiles. Super yummy!

  • As I have speculated for years, Blockbuster (that's right, the movie rental store...also a former place of my employment...shout out to my BBV peeps!) and the likes of Tupac Shakur, Elvis, and possibly Jim Morrison, have all found some secret island (or country) to live in and are not actually dead. You can call me a conspiracy theorist, but I have proof people...photographic evidence that this place does exist! "Show me!!" you say, well fine...

Boom! I'll allow you time to pick your jaw up off the floor and reassess your whole belief system.

  • This next one won't blow your mind like the last one. I feel like it's a fairly obvious observation. Some of you may not agree with me (I'm looking at you Nina), but beer is good. We like beer. We like to try different beers wherever we go, cause it's really the only polite thing to do. We do this as not to offend the local cultures we happen to be in. It's purely because we are good travelers, no other reason... ;) But, we have found that beer, unlike wine and chocolate *tear*, is fairly inexpensive here in Mexico. We have observed that many restaurants and bars have 2 for 1 beer "specials" that run for months at a time. We also found this gem at the store. We had to try it...remember, we aren't rude Americans here. 
Yeah, it was delicious. 

  • One last thing...I got my first comment on my blog from someone I don't even know!! Kinda cool! After a few minutes of web and Facebook stalking, er...I mean researching, I found out she is a friend of my dear friend Maria. Maria has a fantastic blog Little Things are Big (Read it, it's a part of my every day ritual), and she posted on her blog about my was an overuse of the term blog there, sorry. Anyway, I can only guess that is where Amber found A Year in Puebla. Small thing, but it made me happy! (I will not be posting a picture of Amber nor Maria as I only know one of them...and that would be creepy, like singer-staring-creepy, so I just won't go there.)
That's it for my randomness today. Thanks for sticking it out. Hope you all have a marvelous day! 


  1. Yay for random! Congress on the licensure!!!!

  2. I thought you were nominating me for Congress. ;) Thanks lady. I miss you.

  3. Also, we have taken to saying, "Pinche Autocorrect!"

  4. I have a few questions for you. 1. Are you ever nervous that the produce may not be safe to eat? 2. What is your fav beer so far?
    Yes-I found out about your blog from Little Things Are Big. I find it interesting that Frida Kahlo has a unibrow and is a lesbian. I learned about her in high school. That's all I have for now. Thanks for posting your adventures in Puebla!

    1. Hey Amber, sorry it took so long to reply, I'm still kinda new to this blog thing. I'm glad you found the blog and are enjoying it. :)
      To answer your questions, I was slightly nervous at first, pretty much about all food because I didn't want to get sick. I bought this antimicrobial veggie wash and used it once. Mostly because it's a pain in the butt to use. You have to use a lot of water, soak the veggies and fruit for like 10-15 minutes, then rinse....blah, blah, blah. But I wash everything with soap and water, just like I do in the states. So far so good! (Knock on wood) 2.) I think the beer I posted about is my favorite here so far. We did try a locally brewed beer that was pretty tasty too, and now I can't remember what it's called, but I'll ask and get back to you on that.