Thursday, February 13, 2014

La Rueda de la Fortuna-The Wheel of Fortune

Fuck! (Sorry, Judy) But seriously...that's about the only word that can describe the last 12 hours. Let me start off by saying that Andy and I are fine...let's just preface this post with that.

Okay, so here's the deal...we're keepin' it real, right?! Let's just get to the facts: one of the wheels on The Bandit (my beloved in hindsight a bit of an ironic name...I digress) was stolen while Andy and I were hanging out with the expat group at the Texas BBQ restaurant.

This is what three of our wheels look like

This is what the rear passenger side wheel looks like

I'll wait while you enjoy this: One of these things is not like the other...for real, thanks Sesame Street for having the perfect soundtrack for today. 

Okay, cute, right?! We have to laugh about this...otherwise, I'll cry again.

Here's the quick and dirty of it, cause we gotta go figure this S*@# out:
  • We totally parked on the street in a neighborhood we didn't night. (Our bad)
  • We learned NOT to park on the street in a neighborhood that we don't night.
  • It was only a wheel, not the window, not the whole car, not the iPad that was in there...not a living thing.
  • The little assholes (Sorry again, Judy) left ALL the lug nuts so it was easier-ish for Andy to put the spare on.
  • There were still people we knew there to help us.
  • Hopefully we won't have to sell organs to but a new wheel. 

But in the spirit of "Keepin' it Real" I will tell you that we both laid awake for hours totally reconsidering our decision to come here. There were a few tears shed in the dark, by me...I don't know about Andy, it was dark. We were making hypothetical (or were they?!) plans to leave in May. We were dreaming of soggy England and thinking it sounded like a grey paradise!

We finally got a few hours of sleep. Things are looking brighter, literally...the sun is out and it's warm. We are off to the Toyota Dealership to see if they can help out...and if not, then we are off to the part of town (read, sketchy) where people sell all these car parts that have been "found" on the streets.

Remember...we are fine, we are feeling better today...I'll keep you posted on the acquisition of the wheel. 


  1. How stressful! Glad everything worked out in the end and now you've got a great story to tell.